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Process engineer
Conducts development and proposal of processes to derive the maximum performance and productivity of equipment, joint development of new processes with customers, and development of fundamental technology for the next and following generation based on chemistry, materials engineering, physics, etc.
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Electric and
electronic circuit design
Conducts research and development of next-generation technology and equipment (concept setting, prototypes, verification), improvement and reform of existing equipment, design of digital and analog circuits, control systems, electric wiring, power supply, motor and other electric and electronic design, setting of interface between control equipment and design of firmware installed on substrates.
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Machine design
Conducts research and development of next-generation technology and equipment (concept setting, prototypes, verification), improvement and reform of existing equipment, mechanism and change design using 3D-CAD, etc., piping design, robot design, setting and technical consideration for parts and control equipment, simulation analysis, and preparation of assembly instructions for manufacturing processes.
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Software and
system development
Partly responsible for realization of key precision processing and operations in semiconductor manufacturing.
Specifically, development, design and verification assessment of software and applications for automation, equipment management, UI, etc. in process execution systems and conveyance systems in response to customer requirements for process and equipment execution.
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AI development
Responsible for problem resolution in the ever-evolving area of semiconductor device production, leveraging big data derived from sensors installed in semiconductor production equipment together with AI.
Main duties involve development of software aimed at enhancing added value with AI.
Also, contributing to digital transformation for the reform of in-house tasks including in-house process development and equipment production through to support duties.
Conducts market surveys with consideration of the entire Tokyo Electron Group, proposing marketing strategies that lead to development of new business (corporate marketing) and product marketing specific to each product being developed by Tokyo Electron Group.
Production management,
materials and logistics
Responsible for management of schedule, cost and quality from order receipt through to shipping and delivery, as well as safe execution of the sequence of important tasks in product transportation.
Responsible for the flow of items within Tokyo Electron Group, from raw materials used in production of equipment through to the production equipment that is the finished product, in coordination with personnel in other areas.
Facility management
Responsible for infrastructure construction and management of offices, factories and manufacturing structures, using specialized knowledge of electrics, air-conditioning, water supply and wastewater treatment systems to ensure appropriate functioning of facilities.
Also addresses environmental aspects such as power conservation for facilities overall.
Sales engineer (Sales)
Proposal of medium- to long-term product strategies according to customer needs, and realization of high levels of customer satisfaction based on these strategies, also implements sales plan proposal and sales activities aimed at maximizing TEL’s order-receipt, sales and profit.
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Field engineer
Provides technical support to maintain maximum equipment functionality at customer fabs (equipment set-up, trouble-shooting, adjustment, relocation, repair, modification, etc.), and providing total support including improvement and modify proposal tailored to customer requests.
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Assembly, inspection and adjustment of semiconductor and FPD production equipment, preparation of prototypes and verification of development-stage next-generation equipment, and examination of production processes.
Because equipment specifications differ by customer, most work is manual.
For this reason, staff are sometimes dispatched to work at customer sites in Japan and overseas for a long period.
Quality control
Implements comprehensive surveys regarding the quality of equipment, units, parts, etc., and works to improve quality and prevent defects from the design stage.
Also, conducts analysis and investigation when trouble occurs, and cooperates with manufacturing and engineers to formulate countermeasures.
Information systems
Responsible to construct and maintain the environment to ensure appropriate functioning of IT systems and devices.
Responsible for everything from solution planning proposals to stable operations, understanding the IT-related needs of all Group companies in Japan and overseas, and conducting business analysis.
The role of administration is to lead the entire company organization in order that corporate activities can be performed smoothly.
Acts to lead organizational growth in various areas such as human resources, asset management and public relations activities.
Specifically, work in management divisions such as Human Resources, General Affairs, Accounting, Intellectual Property, Finance, and Legal.
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General office
Provides support for all departments to ensure that operations can be performed without delays.
Specifically, preparation of various materials, data aggregation, arrangement of business trips and schedules, budget and sales management, and receipt and placement of orders.
No job transfer requiring relocation.